Sad news

Hi! I have sad news for you... Please check this post ASAP

Hi! I have sad news for you, I plan to close the server by the end of this month. The reason for this is my current disinterest and some reluctance to engage in the project, as well as dissatisfaction with the current code base (you all know how much ripple is a piece of cave shit rewritten from php). Due to these reasons, I need to close the server

If someone is worried about their scores, and the time you guys spent here, I also spent a lot of my time on this server and it was cool for me : ( I learned a lot of new things about backend coding, and other things necessary for the development of such. I offered "RealistikDash" to migrate players in realistik players, during the next week, as soon as the preparation on his part takes place, we will begin the migration so that you at least do not lose your scores and pp (I believe that our server has one of the cleanest communities thanks to our @Replay Moderator ). Also, as a bonus for other servers, I will fully open my code base (api, website, private bot modules) so that my other servers can borrow my work! Thank you for being with me all these 4 years!